Except that you can get high from cannabis, it also has some other side effects that declare how a medicine can be used. Some other effects are that cannabis:

Patients that use cannabis for these effects are aware of the process and the treatment of cannabis as a drug. It should only be used as a medicine if people are aware of the side effects. It should be used in low dose’s and should not be felt. Cannabis vs mental health medication. Since 2000 for example in The Netherlands the institution of medical cannabis (BMC) has been undertaken. This institution has as a goal to legalize cannabis as a medicine or drug.

There are sufficient and enough scientifically papers and research were the effects of cannabis have been proven with:

Next to this there are increasingly positive messages from patients and doctors that are capable of showing the working of cannabis with several pains and sicknesses. Only the scientifically papers are not yet sufficient it seems. Some examples of scientifically proven pain relievers and even medicines (cannabis) are for churn sickness, itchy sicknesses, rheumatism and migraine. Medical cannabis is not really all the times the current of the disease, but it is very helpful in reducing the pain and reducing the condition. Cannabis interact with medication. Quality demands are also important in legalizing the cannabis as a medicine or drug. Most part of the care is already provided by other drugs that work less but make more money. Nu heavy metals, bacterias or fungi. This is heavily regulated regarding any drug or medicine and is a weak point when it comes to hemp or cannabis. Most cannabis that comes out of coffee shops do not meet the quality for medicines. The taking of cannabis is also a discussion, most doctors say it should be via thee or an evaporator. After this discussion is over a new discussion will emerge; how much cannabis should someone get? Should it be 10 grams or 30 grams? For what sickness, what type of patient, etc. More reports, scientifically articles and news will have to find its way before we can say cannabis will be used as a drug or medicine.