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Come down to the Shootin Shop grab a burger and buy an egg for a chance to win a gun! Every egg is winner. Winners of our like and share event - John Johnson and Diana Wilkinson. Come by today and get some grub. Inbox us if you can't make out and we'll feed you anytime.

Corey McCormick

I have bought many guns from the shop. Between pistols shotguns and rifles, I drive out of my way every time leaving Midland to drive through Abilene to deal with these people over everyone else!

Russell Cochran

Great place to do business. I've supported the shootin shop for years and this company is great

Zachary Harter

This place has great customer service and a great selection. I've bought two firearms from there so far and will go back. I would like to thank Victor Roman for your great service.

Ittap Raehpnal

Came to. See the boys and enjoy their awesome food...GO ROCKIN ROLLERZ!!!!

Thats what i am talking about. JB Coffee

Robert Monohan That’s some good coffee. Richelle Caton Cloud That looks like something I need to get for a friend of mine. JB Cloud i officially own this bag of coffee. These guys are awesome.  

About Gun Bluing Gunsmithing Metal Finishing Iowa

The following is a article reprinted with permission from The Kingsley News-Times Sept. 22, 2010, Written by John Hackett. The Shooting Shop in Kingsley is now open The Shooting Shop at 221 Burlington St., Kingsley IA (has since moved to 106 N. 3rd St., Anthon, IA) is now open for business. Owner and operator Bob Farmer fulfilled a long time dream of owning his own gun shop with an open house hosted Sept. 11, 2010. Bob Farmer The Shooting Shop deals with everything related to firearms. They offer retail sales of new and used firearms of all types. Bob will also entertain trades of guns or will take in guns for consignment sale. Also offered are retail sales of firearm accessories like slings, scopes, cases, etc. The Shooting Shop also offers factory ammo sales, reloading equipment and supplies. Bob is also able to offer custom reloading of ammo to his customers. The custom reloading includes obsolete cartridges that are no longer offered by manufacturers. Although The Shooting Shop specializes in all things firearms, Bob can get anything dealing with outdoor sports into the store. Archery equipment or hunting decoys are a couple of examples. If you can name it The Shooting Shop can get it. Along with sales of anything firearm related The Shooting Shop is also a full line gunsmithing shop. The gunsmithing services offered range from simple repairs to complete restorations, and everything in between. No job is too big or small. If a job cannot be handled in house, Bob has contacts to be able to get the work done. Varmint HuntingBob may be new to the retail aspect of the industry but is far from new to firearms themselves. He brings a lifetime of firearm and shooting experience to the opening of The Shooting Shop. Bob is also a trained professional gunsmith. Bob’s formal gunsmith training came through the program offered by the American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) of Napa CA. AGI is well respected in the firearms industry and offers specific training in all aspects of gun repair and customizing. AGI’s training is conducted via video courses. Each course goes into great detail about a specific topic and also utilizes hands on experience by the student to complete. About five years ago Bob was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. This eye disorder causes a person to lose all of their peripheral vision. Due to this disorder Bob lost the job he currently had at Dean Foods in LeMars IA. Not wanting to just sit around and do nothing Bob turned to the Iowa Department for the Blind for help. The Department is based in DesMoines and has a state wide staff available to assist the blind and visually impaired to seek out employment opportunities. Target ShootingAt this time in his life Bob was tired of always working for someone else. With the help of the Iowa Deptartment of the Blind he was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning his own business. Bob’s prior knowledge of firearms combined with formal gunsmith training makes The Shooting Shop a perfect fit. The current location of The Shooting Shop is in a converted garage behind Bob’s home at 221 Burlington St., Kingsley IA (has since moved to 106 N. 3rd St., Anthon, IA). Formal hours of operation are not set at this time, but will include evenings and Saturdays. Bob is also open at any time by appointment. An appointment can be made by calling Bob directly at 712-251-1510.

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We’ve been working on design and digital since people were using DOS commands to check their email, Comic Sans was amazing, and Zip Drives weren’t paperweights. Yes, some of the team is from that time, and others were born with a smartphone in hand. From Brazil to Africa, India to Colombia, and Deep South Georgia to California, we are a band of coders and creatives, strategists and geeks, artists, athletes and adventurers. We’re also from all walks of life and schools of thought, passionately pursuing things like Southern Comfort Cooking, Soccer, Poetry, Asimov or Magic the Gathering.When you work with us you get an entire ecosystem of support. We’re a group of business owners just like you, who’ve joined forces to build a positive future. Our approach to developing websites considers the whole of you and creates small wins that add up over-time. That’s why the majority of our clients stick with us well after their initial launch. Everything we do is focused on helping you build a lasting and successful business.

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From Brazil to Africa, India to Colombia, and Deep South Georgia to California, we are a band of business owners, go-getters, coders and creatives, strategists and geeks, artists, athletes and adventurers from all walks of life and schools of thought. Passionately pursuing our dreams and united by one purpose.


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We guide you every step of the way with our 4-Step Process (Strategy + Design + Build + Sustain), so you remain actively engaged but also don’t spend needless time filtering and sifting through all the possibilities. We’ll show you what’s possible and why it’s good for you and your business. We’ll ensure your brand and values are never compromised.
STRATEGYFirst, we understand and clarify your aim and position. We learn about your target audience and their pain points, as well as your competitors and their promises. We focus on maximizing your investment and getting results.
DESIGNNext, we look at your users’ experience; making it easy to understand your message and take action. We use visuals, color and media creating a connection inviting them into a relationship with you.
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