As a 420 Seed Bank, Just Feminized Seeds has us by the name alone. Who wants to experience the bitterness of anything but feminized cannabis?
That said, we don’t really care for Just Feminized website. It’s very hard to follow, the product photos are blurry, and the website has a ton of orange and black in it.
To get to the most important stuff such as the shipping methods, payment methods and delivery options you need to click on the terms of service to get there.
Make no mistake about it, there is plenty to like here once you have learned to navigate the site, for example, that Just Feminized Seeds sells over 5,000 varieties of cannabis, we just wish they had spent a few of their dollars on a good website designer.
Naturally, for U.S. customers, they want to know does the company ship to the U.S. and how soon can they get it.
First, they do ship to the U.S. Secondly, they deliver by Royal Mail. They do charge a small fee for their international shipments, £3.50 for non-insured packages and £10.50 for insured packages up to £150, with a signature required. There is also an extra charge of .99£ for stealth delivery, and an additional £2.49 for items hidden inside key rings. For £8.99 you can get the seeds hidden in a label of a T-shirt.
Delivery time for Royal Mail can be slow however, so best allow the full 21 days to receive your seeds and sometimes up to 28 days. There are no quick-serve options.
For payment Just Feminized does excel however. You can pay by almost any major credit card, bank transfer, money orders or cash. They also accept Bitcoin and other micro-currencies.
We would rate Just Feminized one of the 10 best seed banks in Europe due to its wide variety of product and multiple payment methods. However, we gave in only 3.8 stars due to a poor website, the fact that Royal Mail is the only delivery method and lots of small hidden charges add up for the consumer.
Still, it seems like a very reliable place to buy your cannabis seeds.