While there are multiple ways by which it will be possible to carry out the extraction process, the use of ethanol or alcohol is one of the most popular.

Find the Hemp

Regardless of the extraction method that you will choose, the process starts with the selection of the hemp. It is important to choose one that has high quality, which also speaks of the quality of the oil that can be extracted from the source.

Do your research before you begin. There are some companies selling their proprietary strains, which are marketed specifically to produce the best oils.

It should also be noted that there are two types of sources that are extracted. They can either be extracts from whole plants or from isolates.

Soak the Plant

Once the hemp is ready, the next thing that you have to do is to soak it in the ethanol. Usually, grain alcohol is used.

A good thing about soaking hemp in ethanol is that it gets rid of the non-essential components of the plant, which include chlorophyll. The presence of the latter can have a negative impact on the purity of the oil.

Heat the Solution

This is a process that is technically known amongst growers as Roto Vap. In the simplest form, it involves heating the solution for the purpose of speeding up its evaporation.

After the evaporation, the CBD oil is transferred into a separate container or chamber.

Refine the Solution

Purity is a major concern when it comes to the extraction of CBD from hemp. That being said, the process also involves being able to remove any impurity that is still present in the oil before it is used.

Technically, this step is known as chromatography. This will be beneficial in the removal of unwanted matter that has not been removed by ethanol in the earlier step.

Ready for Use

After evaporation, whatever remains in the container is already your CBD oil. You can have it stored for later or use as desired.

Aside from ethanol, this process of extracting CBD oil can be done using other liquid solvents, which include butane and hexane. They strip the potent compounds of the hemp, transform them into liquid, undergoes evaporation, and whatever remains becomes the oil.

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