What is the best way to create uniform and perfect circumstances for indoor weed? Marijuana plants, like other species, also require their own specific temperatures, lighting, and care. This is where the grow cabinets come to handle.

Not only provide ideal environment for the growth of weed and other plants, the grow cabinets also solve the biggest problems of indoor growers is controlling odors of the weed and keep the cannabis growing discreet and hidden. Growing cabinets is very easy for beginner, cost-effective, and quick answer to these typical issues. This is a brief grow cabinets reviews for the products that I highly recommend.

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TopoLite 20″x20″x48″ 600D Grow Tent Room Reflective Mylar Indoor Garden Growing Room Hydroponic System from $61.64

10 Grow Cabinets Reviews

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#1 VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Vivisun grow tent has the dimensions of 24″ X 24″ X 36″, which is perfect for grower who do not have much of space for growing indoor. The highest important benefit of purchasing the Vivosun Mylar Hydroponic grow tent is its durable black lining and heavy-duty zipper. Thanks to the robust construction material, this tent is very sturdy and tear resistant. The interior layer of the ten is Mylar 98% reflective material, and the outer layer is 600D canvas, which is tear-proof and lightproof

It comes with accessible windows, allows you can monitor and see your plants inside without open the tent. If you’re searching for a cheap grow box, Vivisun grow tent is a good choice. It’s simple to put together and manage with a lightweight construction.

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#2 SuperNova Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

SuperNova Hydroponic Grow Cabinet measures 46 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 78 inches high, this provide a quite large space inside for you to get the high yield. This is the high technology, smart grow box that allow you to manage the lights and water schedules through your smart phone by an app. This box also features the dual air filtration technology aids in meeting all of a plant’s growth requirements. You can choose to pay more and add additional functions for this box like Wifi grow cam, timers, digital thermometer/hygrometer, etc.

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#3 The Bud Grower Hydroponic Growing System Grow Tent Kit

This is not simple a grow tent but it is a complete tent kit that comes with almost everything you need to start growing weed indoor. The kit includes a grow tent, 150 Watt HPS & LED Grow Light, tent accessories, soil, fans & carbon filters, and all other equipment and items for hydroponics setup.

It’s a fantastic grow tent kit that allows both novice and expert growers to get the most out of yield. An easy-to-assemble tent is 24 x 24 x 60 inches, it is has more vertical space than other tents, which allows you to grow taller strains of marijuana.

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#4 SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 LED Soil Grow Cabinet

Growing medium, fertilizers, air filters, timers, bandwidth, full spectrum, 3 watt Kind LED Grow Light are all included in this grow cabinet, so you can get started growing your own weed at home right away. It is 66 x 15 inch dimensions. On the back of the cabinet, we have automatic controls with hygrometers. This cabinet have enough space to hold up to six plants at the same time. The special feature is that it is dual chamber cabinets, one chamber for cloning and other for vegetative. Many gardeners report that utilizing the SuperCloset Deluxe increases production by around 30%.

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#5 TopoLite Grow Tent Room

TopoLite Grow Tent Room is one of the most affordable grow cannabis in the market now. It measures 20″(L) x20″(W) x48″(H). The low price and easy-to-assemble construction with no tool needed are what makes this grow cabinets perfect for new growers. The grow tent’s interior material is 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar. The box’s outside is constructed of heavy-duty 600D oxford fabric, which prevent light leaking, and keeps its temperature balanced. For healthy growth, the tent provides fresh air with well ventilation thanks to multiple vents and one rectangle vents with mesh.

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#6 SuperCloset SuperStar HPS Soil Grow Cabinet

This cabinet is 60” (T), 24” (w), and 24” (D) dimensions, the compact size of this box for small to medium-sized plants. It contains two chambers are cloning chamber and vegetative chamber. The grow cabinet has a capacity of up to 4 plants, this is only suitable for personal use. It comes with 150w full spectrum grow lights. The cabinet is entirely automated controls, with hygrometer hidden behind box.

#7 SuperBox LED Hydroponic Grow Box

The Superbox is a good option if you are looking for a small grow cabinets. It’s easy to confuse it for a tiny refrigerator. 18” x 24” x 30” dimensions and a warm-spectrum 200W CFL system can support for up to eight plants. You do not need to worry about CFL lights generate more heat than LEDs, because the Superbox is equipped with excellent air circulation and cooling as you may found in bigger Supercloset counterparts. This reduces the amount of heat emitted by the light. Air is circulated and odor is controlled thanks to a carbon filter and fan. The box also comes with an analog timer, a Total Dissolved Solids meter for hydroponics, a thermometer, fertilizers and growth media.

#8 AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 733 Advance Grow Tent

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Looking for a lightweight but very durable grow tent? This one from AC Infinity COULDLAB is perfect for your need. This tent is head and shoulders above other competitors as it can carry twice time more weight than others thanks to the durable frame with thick steel poles. It is also made with think material is 2000D canvas, which block the light and resist tear. The tent measures 36” x 36” x 72”, which allows it to hold up to 4 plants. The grow cabinets comes with reflective bottom tray and tool bag.