Growing cannabis in the USA has never been easier due to the laxity related to federal marijuana laws. Now, growers can easily order cannabis seeds at online seed banks. They will deliver cannabis seeds to your door at competitive prices.

However, half the battle is picking a list of the best cannabis seed banks that ship to USA, because not all the seed banks out there offer quality cannabis seeds and services. guarantee service. The other half is choosing the cannabis seeds that suit you best.

But don’t worry, you can refer to a few reputable seed banks below that we have selected. They deliver their quality cannabis seeds to the US at a competitive price.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to USA

#1 The Vault Cannabis Seed Store

The Vault Cannabis Seed Store aka The Vault Seed Bank. This seed bank is a trusted brand, owns a huge inventory of cannabis seeds, and offers excellent customer service. The Vault is a familiar place to buy cannabis seeds for many professional growers, and they also have a huge repeat customer base.

The Vault seed bank only works with breeders that can accommodate the highest levels of quality cannabis. They have an extensive network of breeders to choose from, so finding the right strains for you is simple. Growers can rest assured that they are buying high-quality seeds from The Vault Cannabis Seed Store.

Growers will be able to select cannabis seeds from over 3,800 different strains, sourced from 140 different breeders and seed banks worldwide. There will be regular seeds, feminized Cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds, and this collection is suitable for growers of all levels.

#2 Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is a famous Spanish seed bank based in the city of Barcelona, ​​and they are always ready to ship their cannabis seeds to the US and other regions. This company has been operating since the 2000s, and so far they have been in this particular industry for quite a while.

Ministry of Cannabis only works with some of the world’s most renowned growers and breeders. This partnership has lasted for more than 15 years and will continue into the future. Growers can expect to receive top quality, renowned cannabis seeds.

In addition to these cannabis seeds, Ministry of Cannabis side-markets their own strains. All cannabis seeds are feminized and have a high germination rate.

In addition, this company also provides a good customer service. They ship globally and offer a variety of payment options.

#3 Marijuana seeds NL

Marijuana seeds NL (MSNL) is a seed bank based in the United Kingdom. Yes, that’s right. Despite having NL in their name, this seed bank is not based in the Netherlands. And MSNL is one of the oldest seed banks in the industry, having been in the cannabis seed business since 1999.

With a long history, MSNL knows how to bring the best service, best seed quality to customers. Also because of its long-term business, MSNL has drawn a lot of experience and they understand what customers need most.

When buying seeds at MSNL, growers can be overwhelmed by MSNL’s service and top quality cannabis seeds. This seed bank has the best delivery time record in the industry. And the international stealth shipping option is very secure.

They have a huge amount of repeat customers just buying from them. And they also have a large variety of seeds suitable for growers of all levels.

#4 Marijuana Seeds Canada (MJ Seeds Canada)

Marijuana Seeds Canada is a seed bank that US growers can trust. When purchasing cannabis seeds at MJ Seeds Canada, growers can expect to receive their order within 24 hours. This seed bank offers the best stealth shipping options because of its discreet packaging, and many other payment options.

MJ Seeds Canada cannabis seed shipping is same day and faster than average compared to other seed banks in the region. They have a dedicated customer support line so customers can get in touch quickly.

This seed bank builds a rotating stealth transport system. They use different disguises for their cannabis seeds to ensure that they are difficult to confiscate at customs.

#5 Mary Jane’s Garden

Mary Jane’s Garden may not be so popular in the cannabis industry, but they really are a reliable seed bank and worth a try. This seed bank has been in business since 2003 and they have a large loyal customer base.

Mary Jane’s Garden’s 90%-than-average delivery success rate is a good indicator that they are a good seed bank. This company ships the fastest to US residents and they pack very discreetly. They also prepare a separate customer support line so that customers can be contacted as quickly as possible in the event of any problems.

Mary Jane’s Garden offers the highest quality cannabis seeds, using the best production and strictest quality control procedures on the market.

#6 Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds is a seed bank that can ship quickly to the US because their headquarters are close to the US. Growers can expect to receive their order within just a few days. And they are all packaged discreetly and securely.

This seed bank offers quality cannabis strains collected from around the world. They accept delivery anywhere and accept payments in Bitcoin and even cash in the mail.

Sonoma Seeds is a promising ship to US seed bank.