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The Shooting Shop offers mail-order service for all gunsmithing and custom ammunition reloading related services.
Just call or email us with your specific needs and we can give you more details on price estimates and shipping.

Gunsmithing and Reloading


Here at The Shooting Shop we are a full service gunsmith shop.   We offer a full range of general firearm maintenance, repairs and customization.

Our staff can professionally clean the exterior and interior of your favorite firearm to keep it working efficiently for years to come.

We offer everything from a custom trigger job on your AR-15 to your cowboy action gun.  Glass bed your hunting or target rifle, or fit it with a custom built stock.  The sky’s the limit on the customization we can do.

With over 30 years of experience our staff can handle all general repairs to the most complex.  Repair of obsolete guns is no problem.  We can professionally fabricate most any obsolete gun parts if they are no longer available.  No repair is too big or too small!


Our custom reloading includes, but is not limited to:


  • 25 ACP
  • 32 H&R MAG
  • 327 FED MAG
  • 380 ACP
  • 9 MM
  • 38 SPECIAL
  • 357 MAG
  • 40 S&W
  • 10 MM AUTO
  • 41 MAG
  • 44 SPEC
  • 44 MAG
  • 45 ACP
  • 45 LONG COLT
  • 454 CASULL
  • 460 S&W



  • 17 REM
  • 204 RUGER
  • 222 REM
  • 222 REM MAG
  • 223 REM- 5.56X45
  • 22-250 REM
  • 220 SWIFT
  • 22 SAV HP
  • 243 WIN
  • 243 WSSM
  • 25-20  WIN
  • 250 SAV
  • 25-06 REM
  • 264 WIN MAG
  • 270 WIN
  • 7MM-08 REM
  • 7MM STW
  • 30 CARBINE
  • 30-30 WIN/30 WCF
  • 300 SAV
  • 307 WIN
  • 308 WIN
  • 30-40 KRAG
  • 300 WIN MAG
  • 32-20 WIN/WCF
  • 303 SAVAGE
  • 303 BRITISH
  • 338 WIN MAG
  • 35 REM
  • 358 WIN
  • 444 MARLIN
  • 45-70 GOVT.
  • 50 BMG




Gun Restoration

Gun Finishing

The Shooting Shop strives to offer the best restoration available in the tri-state and Siouxland region; Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.

We professional hot blue all our restorations.  No inferior “hobby shop” type cold bluing is used at The Shooting Shop. We can also brown those really old antiques that had this type of finish.

We can handle all types of stock restoration from refinishing, re-cutting worn checkering, replacing missing parts of the stock to complete stock replacement if needed, and everything in between.  Our expert woodworkers can replicate any obsolete gun stock.

We can restore almost any firearm, regardless of condition.  We can make Grandpa’s old shotgun look like new again!


We use the finest materials available to do the best job possible on your equipment! Hot bluing will restore your firearm to its original finish and will keep your firearm from rusting or corroding. If correctly maintained, your gun will never need to be blued again!


We offer full plating services. Any metal part of your firearm can be plated in your choice of several different finishes of nickel finishes from a bright shiny finish to a matte hunter finish and anything in between. These finishes offer great protection from the elements. This is one way to customize your firearm, turning a standard gun into a piece of art.


Another method of customizing your firearm is engraving. We can engrave any text you choose, or even your logo, to totally customize your gun. We can personalize anything from that old Colt or Winchester to the new firearm you just purchased.

New and Used Firearms

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